Mike Gronstal, from Council Bluffs, has been the Senate Democratic Leader since 1997. First elected to office in 1982, Gronstal served one term in the Iowa House (1983-85), and is currently in his seventh term in the Senate. He is the State Democratic Leader in the Iowa Senate and has been a lifelong advocate for public education and smart politics.


We are fortunate to have Mike Gronstal represent us, our students, our schools and our profession. In the current political climate it is vital that you understand that we need YOU. Your time, your talent, and--eventually--your treasure will be needed to make sure that we reverse the trend of legislators who are willing to sell out our children for corporate tax cuts.

Jobs are top priority for 2011

The 2011 session started this week with optimism about the future of our state and a renewed commitment to helping Iowans recover from the lingering national recession.

I know that every legislator feels a strong sense of responsibility and challenge. Iowans are looking to us to help improve the economy and create much-needed jobs. Until Iowa has fully recovered from the national recession, that will be my number one priority.

What we do this session will affect – positively or negatively – Iowa’s business climate. I’m confident we’ll make progress.


I’m especially interested in helping our small businesses grow, making it easier for workers to improve their skills and expanding industries that show great promise for Iowa’s future.

That means the Legislature must consider ways to strengthen small businesses and encourage job creation on Main Street, not Wall Street.

We must continue to expand Iowa’s clean energy economy, a source of good wages and economic advantage now and for years to come.

We must continue to reform, downsize and streamline state government. We took giant steps during the 2010 session, which made it possible for us to balance the state budget without raising taxes. We’ll take that same approach this year.

And we must protect our quality of life. Our state is a wonderful place to live, do business and raise a family, and I want to keep it that way. Every Iowa child now has access to high-quality preschool. We lead the nation in children’s health care. We have great local schools. And we’re building strong community college partnerships with local employers that give Iowa workers the skills to take on good jobs in their communities.

By listening to constituents and working together over the next four months, we can continue to build on these successes, help our state recover from the national recession and prosper once again.


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